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04/06/2016 admin 0 Comment(s) Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them


Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them will be the third major movie to premiere new footage at the MTV Movie Awards next week. Like Suicide Squad and Captain America: Civil War, the first film in J.K. Rowling’s new magical franchise will show a brand new preview on MTV and have it presented by its star.

MTV News broke on April 5 that Eddie Redmayne will present the clip, which will surely show more of him as ‘magizoologist’ Newt Scamander. In this offshoot of the Harry Potter universe, Scamander travels with a suitcase full of magical creatures to 1926 New York City, only to have his Fantastic Beasts run rampant through the American No-Maj/Muggle community.

There has only been one official teaser for the film so far, which wasn’t able to show any of Scamander’s beasts. Perhaps this preview will be different, now that director David Yates is closer to finishing his latest Rowling-based film. But since this is a movie with no Harry Potter characters, with American characters and actors and with Rowling herself as the screenwriter, this is unlike any film he’s done in Rowling’s world.

Redmayne is presenting the clip alone, although Newt has much more help in the film from characters played by Katherine Waterston, Alison Sudol and Dan Fogler. Whether they are enough against the creatures on the loose is something audiences can only imagine at this point.

Fantastic Beasts isn’t a superhero movie like the other films premiering clips at the MTV Movie Awards. However, like so many comic book movies these days, this is setting up a whole new cinematic universe and series of films. In this case, it is only the beginning of a new trilogy from Rowling’s magical world, after the last Rowling franchise had close to three trilogies.

The MTV Movie Awards will show this latest teaser sometime after 8 p.m. est on April 10, although the Fantastic Beasts will be truly found in theaters on Nov. 18.


03/17/2016 admin 0 Comment(s) Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, News

Eddie Redmayne was born to play magizoologist Newt Scamander in “Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them,” according to producer David Heyman.

”Eddie was our first choice,” Heyman told tv3. “He’s very good at playing characters that are out of step, as it were, and bringing to them a real heart and compassion. He has a desire to bring truth to every moment. He’s very charming and appealing to men and women alike. And he’s a timeless actor, so he fits perfectly into 1920s New York.”

The film, written by J.K. Rowling, follows Scamander, a Ministry of Magistry employee who accidently unleashes a briefcase full of magical creatures upon NYC in the roaring twenties. Katherine Waterston, Colin Farrell and Ezra Miller also star.

”Newt is someone who can communicate better with his creatures than he does with people,” Heyman said of Redmayne’s character. “He’s a Brit who finds himself in the US and the American magical universe is different to the British one.”

Redmayne said shooting the film, which wrapped last month, was “a wonder.”

“It’s just unlike anything I’ve ever been a part of,” Redmayne said. “It’s like imagination taken to the extreme.”

Rowling was intimately involved with the production process. According to Heyman, ”We’d run concepts by her, she’d give her thoughts and we’d adjust accordingly. She certainly was aware of all the lead casting choices before we finalized them.”

Redmayne said he asked Rowling “800 questions” to prepare for the role.

“I met J.K. Rowling and what’s so amazing is that her imagination is so full and thorough — it’s so encyclopedic of her world,” he told

“Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them,” directed by David Yates, opens Nov. 18, 2016.


03/12/2016 admin 0 Comment(s) Gallery Update, Public Appearances, The Danish Girl

I have add photos from The Danish Girl’ Tokyo Premiere to the gallery.

03/07/2016 admin 0 Comment(s) Gallery Update, Public Appearances

I have add photos from ,OMEGA Celebrates The Launch Of The Globemaster to the gallery.

03/03/2016 admin 0 Comment(s) News

British actor Eddie Redmayne was officially introduced as Omega’s newest brand ambassador in Los Angeles Tuesday with a Hollywood style gala at Mack Sennett Studios. Redmayne is the face of Omega’s new watch collection, Globemaster, which houses the brand’s most advanced mechanical movement and features a design inspired by early Constellation models.

The watch collection was unveiled more than a year ago and Redmayne’s selection of being its international spokesperson not long after. But it wasn’t till now that both the Globemaster and its new representative were ready for full global exposure.

Redmayne is known for taking challenging roles. He received a 2015 Academy Award for Best Actor for his portrayal of Stephen Hawking in the film, “The Theory of Everything,” and was nominated for a second Oscar in 2016 for “The Danish Girl.”

Redmayne, who attended the event with his wife, Hannah Bagshawe, said on stage that the Globemaster’s design has both a classic and modern appeal. “I can kind of wear it with anything,” he said. “I don’t like watches to be overstated or ostentatious or crying out too much, but you want to feel a weight to them and a history to them. For me, in a subtle way, it makes you feel stronger having a decent watch on.”

Redmayne added that he finds red carpets the most challenging environment when trying to decide what to wear.

“They never get easier,” he said. “It’s just a very odd thing to have to stand in front of banks of people screaming at you and telling you to look in their direction and quite often shouting abuse,” he said. “So for me, a good tailored suit and a strong watch give you a sense that you have armor or a uniform.”

Earlier in the day, Stephen Urquhart, Omega president, said the 34-year-old actor fits the positioning of the Globemaster well because of his youth, his reputation for taking on challenging roles and his unique sense of style. The timepiece is being sold as a traditional watch for a younger audience and Redmayne, who is the first Oscar winner born in the 1980s, fits this demographic.

“This watch is so important for the future of the brand that we wanted to find someone who could really try to combine the incredible legacy with a modern style,” he said. “I think at Omega we’re trying to definitely attract a younger generation.”


02/29/2016 admin 0 Comment(s) Gallery Update

I have add photos from last night’s 88th Annual Academy Awards & Vanity Fair Oscar Party 2016 to the gallry.

02/16/2016 admin 0 Comment(s) Gallery Update, News

Over the weekend Eddie was at the EE British Academy Film Awards I have some photos from the event.

02/12/2016 admin 0 Comment(s) Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, News

Eddie Redmayne’s mind was positively blown by J.K. Rowling’s “Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them” screenplay.

“For me, it was a question of whether I’d get the gig. When I read J.K. Rowling’s script, I just had my mind blown,” Redmayne, 34, told Pottermore. “I was so excited by it. The amazing thing was that I found it funny, I found it a thriller, I found it romantic. At the end, I was deeply moved by it.”

Redmayne was also impressed by “Fantastic Beasts” director David Yates. “David has such a lovely manner and this incredible kindness to him,” the actor said. “There was no question I wanted to do this movie.”

In the film, Redmayne plays writer and magizoologist Newt Scamander, who accidently unleashes a briefcase full of “fantastic beasts” upon 1920’s New York City.

“So when David and I had our first meeting about this movie I had this case with me,” Redmayne said. “We met in a pub in Soho and sat down by a roaring fire. As he started telling me about Newt and the basic plot of this film — which included Newt having a magic case — I said, ‘I promise I didn’t know about Newt’s case. I didn’t bring this as some sort of weird method audition — like, don’t worry David, I come with my own case!’ And I’m afraid it’s still here, it’s still got my life in it. Not quite as much as Newt has in his case, though…”

Redmayne has been nominated for an Academy Award for his role as transgender icon Lili Elbe in “The Danish Girl.” Already an Oscar winner for last year’s “The Theory of Everything,” Redmayne, this year, hopes for a more relaxing ceremony.

“Last year was like being hit by a bulldozer and it’s such a frenzy of emotions that you try to remain open enough to enjoy it and remember it,” he recently told The Telegraph. “You think of it as an evening event but it takes such a long time, I will have a calm day.”

“Fantastic Beasts” hits theaters Nov. 18.


02/09/2016 admin 0 Comment(s) Gallery Update, Public Appearances

I have some photos from the -Oscar Nominee Luncheon 2016 to the gallery

02/03/2016 admin 0 Comment(s) Gallery Update, News, Public Appearances

I have add photos from the 22nd Screen Actors Guild Awards to the gallery.

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