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05/28/2015 admin 0 Comment(s) News

Eddie Redmayne ambassador low res_1060x644

It’s not just his boyish good looks and humble speeches that keep us crushing on Eddie Redmayne – he’s also a seriously snappy dresser. As well as sweeping the board at awards season for his role as Stephen Hawking in The Theory of Everything, Mr Redmayne also earned himself a reputation as one of the sharpest men in showbiz, thanks to his seemingly endless collection of perfectly tailored suits, namely by Gucci. And to prove his fashion stripes further, he’s just landed a new role as an ambassador for OMEGA watches.

Of course, Eddie is no stranger to the modelling world – most noteably he’s served as a face of Burberry alongside a then newly-launched Cara Delevingne. And he’s in equally good company with his latest gig, joining fellow dapper gent George Clooney on OMEGA’s roster of famous faces.

In the first look at his new role, the 33-year-old Brit poses on a cobbled street with a pinhole camera for a prop. And of course, he’s sure to flash his wrist-candy beneath a smart tweed overcoat. Looking good, Eddie.

Full of their new model’s praises, Stephen Urquhart, President of OMEGA said: “We are absolutely delighted to welcome Eddie to the OMEGA family. He brings true elegance and integrity, and is incredibly humble about his success – something that sits perfectly with the OMEGA spirit. We very much look forward to working together.”

And the feeling is mutual, with Eddie gushing about the gig: “I have worn OMEGA for a number of years, so to be made an official ambassador for the brand on a global level is very exciting. To join a brand whose own credentials include the only watch to be officially certified by NASA, and the Official Timekeeper of the Olympic Games is an honour.” He’s definitely done his research there…


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You’d be forgiven for thinking that acting was Eddie Redmayne’s first love, given his current status as an Oscar winner. However, long before he found himself clutching a Best Actor statuette for his uncanny portrayal of Professor Stephen Hawking in The Theory of Everything, Redmayne nurtured a passion for art.
After leaving Eton, where he was in the same year as Prince William, Redmayne won a place at Cambridge University to study history of art. He admits he wasn’t the most committed student, “floating” into “a couple of lectures a week”. Despite this, he graduated with a 2:1 and a genuine enthusiasm for his subject – particularly early 20th-century painters.
“The world had changed,” he explains in a new documentary this week, “and while the world was changing the art was changing as well.”
Although determined to act, Redmayne didn’t abandon his interest in the art world, preferring to combine the two. In 2009, he was cast in Red, a play about the American artist Mark Rothko, at London’s Donmar Warehouse. His performance as Rothko’s young assistant won him both an Olivier and a Tony award and caught the eye of documentary film-maker Margy Kinmonth
“It was a sensational piece of theatre; a fascinating insight into an artist,” says Kinmonth. “Later on I saw Eddie in the BBC war drama Birdsong [below] and Les Misérables so I was always very keen on him and thought he was an absolutely wonderful actor. I thought, ‘Gosh, I would love to work with this guy.’ ”
Kinmonth has experience in tracking down high-profile figures for her documentaries. In 2011 she made Looking for Lowry with Sir Ian McKellen; in 2013 she got Prince Charles to front Royal Paintbox, a film about his family’s love of art. Now it was time for Project Eddie.
“Two years ago I went to see Eddie’s agent. But then a long time went past because Eddie was shooting the Hawking film. It was hard to get to him so I wrote him a letter, and it went back and forth a bit, but he agreed to meet me.”Kinmonth hadn’t decided what film she wanted to make. But, keen to appeal to Redmayne’s interests, she proposed two possible subjects: Rothko or war art. “I suggested doing something on Paul Nash, and Eddie was interested in that period because a lot of his degree focused on the first half of the 20th century. When I met him he was utterly charming and teeming with ideas.”
This was late 2013 and Redmayne was finishing filming The Theory of Everything; his time was precious. Finally, in January 2014, Kinmonth pinned him down for a week’s filming. The pair would retrace the journey the artists took from London to Belgium, ending at the Sanctuary Wood trenches, east of Ypres. It wasn’t Redmayne’s first trip to the Western Front. In 2012 he visited the battlefields of northern France in preparation for his role in the BBC’s Birdsong, an experience he described as “incredibly moving”. He was equally affected by his time at Sanctuary Wood, where 2,000 of the 250,000 soldiers who died at the front in Flanders are buried.
“It was extraordinary wandering around where so many people were killed,” says Redmayne. “You can’t help but find a weird beauty in it and I think that must have been one of the dilemmas. It’s something that Nash talks about, it’s something that Nevinson talks about – how in this incomprehensible and, as they say, indescribable context, you could find beauty.”
The film ends with Redmayne speaking to contemporary war artists about modern-day conflicts, from Bosnia to Syria. An intelligent interviewer, he doesn’t need the security of a fictional character to command the screen. “Eddie kept worrying that he wasn’t any good but he was a natural,” says Kinmonth. “The average age of men who died was about 28, and he had this affinity with them, and understands the sacrifice, so it’s very moving. When I showed the film to my producer, he was in tears.”
Redmayne acknowledges that, had he been born a century earlier, he would have been brandishing a rifle, not an Oscar. And, like Nash and Nevinson, he too could have found himself sketching the horrors of frontline warfare. “It was unspeakable, hopeless, godless. I’m not sure it’s possible to understand the true experience of being a war artist, but I do know that we lost so much formidable talent; so many young men who never got to see their potential fulfilled.”


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There was a very British feel to America’s Red Nose Day this year, as Eddie Redmayne, Benedict Cumberbatch and Helen Mirren helped out backstage. By “helped out” we mean just sort of joked around. Redmayne kept wishing everybody lots of luck, as if they were about to find out if they’d won an Oscar… while Cumberbatch forgot his Sherlock roots as he struggled with some very simple admin tasks.
In the Red Nose Day kitchen, Dame Helen Mirren offered up tea in mugs so kitsch they were fit for a Queen’s Jubilee tea party, and Ian McKellen took control of the teleprompter, fooling Gwyneth Paltrow into saying “Ian McKellen is the greatest person of all time…” And everyone was in such good spirits that even Robert Pattinson took some time off being an angsty vampire to valet park cars for the ‘real’ US stars of the event.
Here’s the best of British at the US Red Nose day.


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According to the Daily Mail, Oscar-winner Eddie Redmayne is being considered for the role of Beatles manager Brian Epstein in the upcoming movie THE FIFTH BEATLE.
Based on Vivek J. Tiwary’s graphic novel, the film will follow Epstein’s part in taking The Beatles from their humble beginnings to international stardom.

Simon Cowell and Brit Stuart Ford are producing. No director has been tapped yet, but Ford has a particular helmer in mind.

Redmayne, who just won an Academy Award for THE THEORY OF EVERYTHING, will next appear in THE DANISH GIRL. The actor is also in discussions for the HARRY POTTER spinoff film ‘FANTASTIC BEASTS’. Among his other film credits are LES MISERABLES, MY WEEK WITH MARILYN and more. He has starred in the West End in RICHARD II and on Broadway in RED.


05/08/2015 admin 0 Comment(s) The Theory Of Everything

Eddie Redmayne has been open about the challenge he faced in the film ‘The Theory of Everything’ – that of portraying Professor Stephen Hawking all the way through from his years as a prodigious university student to worldwide fame as one of the biggest brains we have in the universe.

It was one he not just took on, but mastered, with his efforts winning him a BAFTA, a Golden Globe and ultimately the Oscar for Best Actor at this year’s Academy Awards. And he used the occasion to thank the family of the man he portrayed, a man he says has inspired him with his positive thinking, his determination and spirit, despite being severely handicapped since he was afflicted with motor neurone disease in his early twenties.

Q: You’re used to being in the public eye but a movie of your life is a very personal thing – what was your reaction on learning about it?

A: I was rather surprised that a major film company should want to make a film about me. At first, I was worried because it was based on a book by my ex-wife, Jane, but I was reassured when I read the script, and even more when I saw a first cut of the film.

It was surprisingly honest about our marriage, and my fight with ALS, or motor neurone disease

Q: Give us your thoughts on Eddie Redmayne’s portrayal of you.

A: I thought Eddie Redmayne portrayed me very well. He spent time with ALS sufferers so he could be authentic. At times, I thought he was me.

Q: How did Felicity fare as Jane?

A: Felicity made a very charming Jane.

Q: Your overall impression of the film?

A: To my surprise, I was very impressed by the film and by Eddie’s commitment.

Q: Do you understand people’s interests in your story?

A: It’s a human interest story, success against the odds. It shows that disability can be no handicap.

Q: What did you think of Anthony’s script?

A: I liked the script. It reflects our struggle to bring up three children in normality, despite my disability. But that placed a great strain on our marriage.

Q: Is filmmaking a process you know much about or are interested in?

A: I’m very interested in film making. It’s telling a story, fiction or non-fiction. I have been filmed quite a lot. Contrary to popular belief, filming isn’t glamorous. It can be wearingly repetitious, as the same shot is taken over and over again.

Q: Did you visit the set? How did it strike you?

A: I visited during the May Ball scene. It was spectacular, especially the fireworks.

Q: What was your reaction on seeing the film itself?

A: A friend who saw the trailer, said it made her cry. I think the film will have a big emotional impact.


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A gaggle of A-listers will soon be going red.

Eddie Redmayne, Retta, Olivia Wilde and “Game of Thrones” cast members Kit Harington, Peter Dinklage, Nikolaj Coster-Waldau, Emilia Clarke, Iwan Rheon, Thomas Brodie-Sangster, Mark Addy, John Bradley, Rose Leslie, Alfie Allen and Charlotte Hope have joined “Red Nose Day,” NBC’s live televised drive aimed at helping 12 charity organizations lift children and young people out of poverty.

This is the first time the drive has been done in the U.S., although it’s a big hit across the pond, where it has raised more than $1 billion over the past 30 years. Richard Curtis is an executive producer for the NBC telecast (a Universal Television production), along with Hamish Hamilton and Ian Stewart of Done + Dusted Productions. Henrietta Conrad and Lily Sobhani will also serve as executive producers, as will Mike Farah, Anna Wenger and Joe Farrell from Funny or Die. Hamilton is set to direct.

The event airs from 8 p.m. to 11 p.m. ET May 21 on NBC. Viewers may also play along at home. Through May 30, Walgreens and Duane Reade stores will sell red noses for $1, with proceeds going to the Red Nose Day Fund.


05/06/2015 admin 0 Comment(s) Gallery Update

Hello I have add photos from the 2015 Costume Institute Benefit Gala – ÒChina Through The Looking GlassÓ